You’re Not Just a Garden Center Anymore

“Most companies must realize that they are no longer competing against the guy down the street or the brand that sells similar products. Instead, they’re competing with every other experience a customer has. This presents an opportunity for forward-thinking brands to create positive experiences that customers want to talk about to others. It also suggests that customer experience professionals should be monitoring the experience at a wide variety of companies and industries for inspiration.” said Dan Gingiss, author and customer experience expert.

73% of Customers say . . .

extraordinary experience
with one company raises their expectations of others.

54% of customers think . . .

companies need to fundamentally transform how they engage.

What is ?

A quick google search will tell you that customer engagement is the means by which a company creates a relationship with its customer base to foster brand loyalty and awareness. This can be accomplished via marketing campaigns, new content created for and posted to websites, and outreach via social media and mobile and wearable devices, among other methods. In order to uncover what that means for your business, surveyed more than 8,000 consumers and businesses across the globe for their third edition of the “State of the Connected Customer” report. 

If you would rather not read the report, you can see below some interesting things that came from their research.  


Every time Amazon raises the bar in retail, for example, it also does so for banking, healthcare, hospitality, and every other industry.
“We have a divide. There are some companies and some products we use that provide such a perfect, seamless experience that they have raised the bar. In fact, they’re so easy and seamless that we kind of forgets to be impressed. But that is making the ones that don’t have that kind of great experience all the more obvious.” said Dr. Susan Weinschenk, Chief Behavioral Scientist and Chief Executive Officer at consulting firm The Team W.
Their research found that 84% of customers say the experiences provided by a company are as important to them as its products and services. That’s up from 80% in last year’s survey. In other words, the quality of customer experience you can deliver is becoming a powerful leading indicator of your future success.